Puzzle level #1

Aditya attempts this one more consistently now.


Test post from android... Some of the must have apps on android..

1. Advanced task killer
2. Avg anti virus
3. Angry birds
4. Google maps
5. Google skymap
6. Es explorer
7. Dolphin hd browser
8. Espn cricinfo app
9. Latitude
10. Facebook, twitter default apps

Beat the heat ...

Officially speaking, this is the first summer that Adi can feel. And rest assured, he doesn't like it a bit. The side effect of this is his addiction to water. ..

His day begins with a thought of having a dip in his mini-bath tub... He becomes uncontrollable when someone refuses him anything related to water. Be it a glass of water or a bucket full. There are times when we give control of the water tube in the garden. And I think that is only non-preemptive thing Adi can do yet.

Its quite a fun watching him play around with his bath tub. Following are some of the images that we tried to take while he was enjoying one of his water sessions: Picasa-Album: Aditya-Rain

This day, that year - Part2

Messed up the sequence during weekend... catching up

1st May 2006, My residence.
Uncle arrived with Aunty and Anita. Coincidently, my "elder" cousin, who was to get couple of weeks later was visiting us. To be accurate, it was 20th May 2006.

Dad to uncle: Hello. Welcome... Pleasure to meet you.
Uncle: Hello. Perhaps not the best way to meet for the first time, but nevertheless we were destined to meet :)

[Both Anita and me were trying to adjust to the situation, but nervousness never let us do that]

After some more exchange of greetings, they arrived on the point.

Dad: In my opinion, we should try to resolve the resolve the strong opposition that we are facing at the moment.

Uncle: Yes that should be the best way. But I have tried to do so. And I am pretty sure, things won't change. Also, the situation seems to be grim, as the search of grooms for Anita has begun in full swing.
Dad: Oh is that the case? At the moment there are only two families involved here. But in case, things get rolling from the other side, and Anita's engagement is fixed with someone else, there could be a third family involved too..
Uncle: If things go too far in that direction, we would end up in larger problems.

[Both of us realized that things by all means are now out of our control. But so far things were falling in place for us. So both kept mum]

Uncle: Since both of us are now firm that things need to proceed quickly, I can take lead from Anita's side. I will take care of the issues that might arise later.

Dad: That sounds good. Now in that case, if we have to do it and do it ourselves... why even wait for more time. We have a wedding in our family scheduled on 20th May. So dates from 15May till 22nd May aren't feasible, as the entire family heads to Mumbai then. Post 22nd May would be quite late looking the scenario.

Uncle: Yes, 20 odd days is a difficult task for me to hold on the situation.

Dad: Ok ... lets take something earlier ....

[Both of us were stunned ... these were signs that we get married two weeks later. My cousin looked at me. I could understand his expression: "Boss I am two yrs elder to you ... and I was scheduled to get married before you... wtf is happening here :D"]

Dad: Ok, let me call a friend of mine, who is a Pandit. Let me ask for a good date.

[Both of us are numb, by now]

Dad: Ok, he says he will get back to me in some time. But tentatively it is going to be 3-4 days from today. Are you OK with the dates?

Uncle: 5\6 May?

[Both of us: WTF!!!]

Dad: Yes.

Uncle: That is aggressive, but the situation demands that. Lets do it.

Dad: OK, done. I dont think we should waste time for Wedding hall or anything of that sort. We will have the wedding at our residence. I will manage everything here.... you just be here!!
Uncle: Meanwhile, I'll ensure that this is a secret project. Also, I have some tasks to wrap from office. As soon as I am done, I shall join you in the preparations]

[By this time, everyone is zapped by the outcome of the discussion]

Finally ... someone cared to ask us if this schedule was OK with us...
Anita: Uh .... well ... ya...this is OK!
Amit: ..................

Further that week was just beyond words ...

We got married on 6th May (Which is exactly the date today).
Wedding time was 1750 ... (Which is exactly when I am going to publish this blog)

Happy Anniversary Biwi!!

This day, that year - Part1

This day, that year - Part1

[This is a short description of Day 1. This day marked the beginning of the most unbelievable week so far in of our lives... And I am sure... this week is just going to be at the top of the list forever]

30 April 2006,
Location: somewhere on FC road...

Anita: my uncle is coming to Pune in the evening. He wants to meet you.
Amit: Sure ... what time?
Anita: 1930, Savera.
Amit: Right ... I'll be prepared :P

1930, Savera
Amit: Hello Uncle. How are you doing?
Uncle: Great! Good to meet you.
Amit: Anita might have briefed you already, but let me reiterate. We have known each other for about two and half years now. We intend to marry each other, but due to family opposition we aren't able to proceed further. The pressure keeps on mounting and the fear of losing each other grips all the time. The situation is ending up in a deadlock, and things might just go against our wish. So I seek some advice from you.
Uncle: The road ahead isn't going to be easy. You are aware of the consequences, aren't you? Are you prepared for all the chaos before and after?
Amit: Oh yes ... Completely. We are prepared. Just a final push is needed.
Uncle: In that case, I would like to meet your parents.
Amit: Certainly, let me just call up home and confirm.... OK tomorrow 1900 suits?
Uncle: Yes, we'll be there..
Amit: This is the first time we have met. Do you plan to discuss anything specific with me or my parents?
Uncle: As of now, since you both are ready for the action, let us see how we can take further steps. I just want to meet your parents first and make them aware of the consequences too. If they are fine with it, then there is a point to discuss what is to be done...
Amit: Sure. Then lets meet tomorrow at 1900, my residence.
[...to be continued]

Homemade photography

Off late I haven't been able to do ample photo shoots. I am trying not let my photography instinct die with time. So once in a while I pop up my camera and try some stunts with readily available subjects. Invariably these are Aditya's toys, since they the most colorful stuff at home. After a couple of shots like these, I am now trying to explore more and more of home subjects that can give pleasing frames. I am trying with anything an everything. Lets see what comes out of these attempts. I'll keep updating...

[Explored] Bokeh- 2

Bokeh - 1

New arrivals...

There have been a lot of types of entertainment devices coming home for Mr. Aditya. But this weekend we ended up getting some live entertainers at home. These aquatic creatures are such a pleasure to watch. I don;t really remember thier ID's but they seem goldfish by the appearance. They are 2 pairs of different species, are quite tiny. Aditya seems to like them as yet. Hopefully his interest remains for some time.